Hello, 10A 10a here.

Here to give agency to

a more conscious future
for you and me.

I design, code, illustrate, play -
morph into the space that needs me the most.

During the past four years as a working design / tech professional, I tried to work on projects that focus on these two areas:

1. Build for the physical world
˪ Present → Help with Covid
˪ Via NorthPoint → Help with Covid

2. Bridge resources
˪ Mercari → Mercari
˪ Help with Covid → Help with Covid

I've also designed and built some thought experiments
˪ DailyForages.com → DailyForages
˪ Whynotbeg.in → Timeline

Other friends I've helped and I believe in:
˪ NaivePeople.design → Naive People
˪ LightGeometry.info → Light geometry
˪ Rysolv.com → Rysolv
/RemoteHours /JourneyColab /OpenAI

Too obsecure? Let's chat →

Last update: 07/2021 | 10A